Worldwide Out-of-Home metrics based on satellite imagery and Big Data from city traffic flows

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First time a media can be measured with the same system. Agencies and advertisers can plan and buy Out-of-Home panels measured with compatible and global ratings from Dubai to Rome.


Tradicional OOH Audience measurement is expensive due to fieldword cost. Instead of thousands of “ad-hoc” surveys we use Big Data to discover city traffic flows. We analyze data from a satellite constellation and GPS tracking data from navigator devices and smartphones applications. Of course satellites and GPS are expensive than surveys, but their information is available globally


From a single billboard, to a city, to a continent, you will get the Out-of-Home metrics that you need. One wave, or two or whatever you want. We haven´t a suscription plan so each company can obtain the data that needs in a flexible and individal system of Out-of-Home ratings.

Métricooh was distinguished with Technical Innovation Award by FEPE International


Métricooh is developed by CUENDE Infometrics, and powered by DigitalGlobe and TomTom.

CUENDE Infometris has created the Spanish Out-of-Home Audience Measuremt system. CUENDE’s passion for research and Ooh media and its talented leadership team have increasingly attracted demand for the company’s capabilities from beyond Spanish borders.

  • CUENDE Infometrics

    Market Reseach company especializated in OOH

  • DigitalGlobe

    Lider in satellite image and geospatial solutions

You can obtain Out-OF-Home metrics thanks to mobile carrier phone data.

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