Revolutionise Out-of-Home Ad campaigns with accurate satellite & AI-driven technology

Our Advantages


First time a media can be measured with the same system. Agencies and advertisers can plan and buy Out-of-Home panels measured with compatible and global ratings from Dubai to Rome.


Tradicional OOH research is expensive due to fieldword cost. Instead of thousands of “ad-hoc” surveys we use Big Data to discover city traffic flows.


From a single billboard, to a city, to a continent, you will get the Out-of-Home metrics that you need. One wave, or two or whatever you want. We haven´t a suscription plan so each company can obtain the data that needs in a flexible and individal system of Out-of-Home ratings.


ORBITAL spin-off

ORBITAL METRICS SOLUTIONS is a spin-off CUENDE focuses in Artificial Intelligence. Its service, METRICOOH has born to be the first company with global and standard metrics, thanks to its unique application of spatial technology.

  • CUENDE Infometrics

    Market Reseach company especializated in OOH audicence measurement since 1991.


    Lider in satellite image and owner of the satellites with higger commercial resolution


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