Interview in “El Publicista” Mexican magazine

In September 2016, during the 9th edition of the Out-of-Home Totem Awards in Mexico, José María Cuende, CEO at CUENDE Infometrics and Daniel Cuende, Innovation Manager, were invited by the organisation to present MÉTRICOOH to the Mexican Advertising industry.

During the visit, the magazine “El Publicista” conducted a deep interview, which was published in the December-January 2017 edition.  In the interview Jose Maria Cuende reviewed her career and the beginnings of the company, founded 25 years ago, and declared that OOH “being the last to be measured allowed OOH to access the most modern and advanced techniques of this era, so that, today, its statistical information is the most accurate and reliable of all.”

Daniel Cuende pointed that “TV ratings are measured using techniques that are, at least, 25 years old, so they are outdated and do not include visibility and contact adjustments such as the Out-of-Home (VAC).”

You can download the complete interview, in Spanish, here.

portada_El Publicista MX-January 2017