CUENDE Infometrics presents Loohcal Media… Gloohbal Measurement, at ESOMAR Latin America Congress 2019

Daniel Cuende, R&D Director at CUENDE Infometrics, presented a conference about how pushing mobile carriers location data for Out Of Home audiences at the renowned ESOMAR Latin America Congress 2019 held on April 7th-10th in Brazil.

SAO PAULO-MADRID– 10 APRIL 2019. With the theme “Loohcal Media… Gloohbal Measurement”, Daniel introduced an innovative approach as result of developments that implements methodologies already used successfully in other countries.

Based on a hybrid system, as ESOMAR (International Association of Market Research) “Global Guidelines” recommends on the basis of the experience for OOH measurement,  this development has the best possible combination of Big Data sources: Mobile Operator Data, satellite High-resolution imagery, Smartphone Apps and Survey.

Each source is selected for its value, quality and contribution and each one has a specific objective offering its own strength, strategic information, and disregarded the weakness, to achieve the logical purpose of having an efficient system with an optimized cost. Extracting that strength from primary sources is the key to success.

This combination of sources offers the highest level of granularity and detail of individuals movements in the city, the best and the most accurate information to establish a solid base in the industry as currency, which is essential to provide quality, transparency and confidence to the market.

Daniel Cuende ESOMAR Latam 2019

As Daniel Cuende said “the essence of the system is to achieve the correct and adjusted reality of each movement, and nowadays the best representation can be reached by combining the strength of several sources. We store the resulting information in our proprietary model called TripAtlas, that after years, processes, cities and millions of computing hours, lets CUENDE have the experience, knowledge and skills that allow the development of flexible models that can be adapted to any country.”

With this development, CUENDE deepens in offering to the OOH market a quantitative and qualitative audience data. Having well-represented movement patterns in the city, CUENDE  can apply visibility adjustments (VACs) to improve viewability and also, using their planning tools, optimize and maximize coverage for a campaign. Those are differentiated elements against other existing data in the market.


About CUENDE Infometrics

CUENDE Infometrics is a global leader in measuring Out-Of-Home audiences. CUENDE capabilities are based on the ability to innovate by integrating technology and big data sources to offer to the advertising market accurate, credible and enriched data. Using technology and its patented algorithms.

CUENDE measures what matters across a broad spectrum of OOH landscape, offering the opportunity to integrate the information with other data sources to help clients design more powerful marketing strategies that deliver superior ROI.


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