Métricooh Latam platform presented during ALOOH 2018 Forum

The common characteristics of the Latin American countries have allowed the creation of a unified Audience measurement platform, promoting the planning and purchasing of  Out-Of-Home media.

With the creation of the Métricooh Latam platform, Out-Of-Home companies will be able to evolve from selling locations to selling audience and create a data-driven culture that boosts the effectiveness of investment abroad and prepares the medium for digital and programmatic evolution.

The Big Data sources used to know the movements of the population are:
– Cell phone location data from telephone operators.
– Mobile Applications Data.
– Traffic intensity data generated from the analysis of high-resolution satellite images.

Plus other inputs such as surveys, census, points of interest … it is necessary a hybrid system that combines the strengths of different sources and saves their weaknesses

Under the claim “the future and present of the OOH industry” and the sponsor of CUENDE, the first Latin American Association of Out of Home (ALOOH) Latam Forum in Bogota marked an important event for the Out of Home industry in Latin America, open to all participants in the outdoor advertising industry in the region.  Held in November 2018, the first Latam Forum brought together 120 entrepreneurs from 15 countries in the vast region along with 20 Out of Home specialist agencies.