20th April 2015

What is Big Data?

Big data is high-volume and unstructured information that cannot  be processed by traditional databases but processed with innovative tools and techniques allows discover new information and actionable insights.

Where do you get traffic flow data?

We have GPS tracking information from 70 million devices. Our integrated network devices includes browsers, integrated browsers and smartphones, which provides GPS points 9 billion daily.

Is there a bias demographic in navigator devices information?

The massive amount of devices that we use reduce potential bias. In addition we use information from satellites to contrast the number of devices that circulate with the actual number of vehicles at the same moment.

What information is collected from satellites?

Daily our constellation of satellites photographed an area of ​​2.5 million km2. Their images are automatically analyzed to obtain the exact number of vehicles on the streets of a city. In addition advanced spectrographic analysis can discover the direction of motion and distinguish the parked vehicles.

How is the number of impacts calculated?

It is calculated taking into account that an analysis of visibility of each panel is made.

In this manner for each panel, readability area is determined based on its size, its height, its orientation and if an individual is moving facing to the panel. Our patented system calculates the real visibility zone area attending to barriers in ​​readability area.

And digital media?

In the case of dynamic and digital our system calculate the impact probability according to exposure time to each ad.

Do you count pedestrian traffic?

Our system are not based only in car navigation devices. We include GPS data from smartphone navigator apps. Anyway car commuters travel more kilometers and therefore are exposed to more Outdoor Advertising.