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Terms and conditions

The promotion will be governed by the following terms and conditions:

Coverage: CUENDE commits to conducting an analysis of the provided inventory, whether owned or from competitors, in major African cities, at no cost to the participant. The analysis will exclusively cover outdoor inventory, including but not limited to bus stops, hoardings, and billboards, which must be geolocated with latitude and longitude coordinates. This inventory can be static, dynamic, or digital in nature. The analysis excludes any inventory located in indoor environments, such as shopping centers and train stations, as well as moving panels found on modes of transportation, such as buses or taxis.

The cities included are:

EthiopiaAddis Ababa
MauritiusPort Louis
Sudan Darfur

Sequential Processing of Requests: CUENDE will process requests for inventory access in sequential order based on receipt. All such requests must be submitted prior to March 29 of the current calendar year. CUENDE reserves the right to determine the specific processing times for each city without the necessity of prior notification.

Assertion of Data Currency: The user acknowledges that the data provided by CUENDE to be non-contemporary. In utilizing such data, the user is mandated to attribute the source and expressly acknowledge the potential non-current nature of the data.

Limitation of Liability: CUENDE disclaims any liability for the user’s utilization of the provided data. The user bears sole responsibility for any application of this information in their respective endeavors or decision-making processes.

Data Distribution Constraints: CUENDE shall solely be disseminated the data to the entity supplying the Out-of-Home inventory and shall not be distributed to any third parties.

Restriction on Sale and Distribution: CUENDE undertakes an obligation not to sell, lease, disseminate, or otherwise transfer the Out-of-Home inventory and final metrics to any third party without obtaining explicit consent from the inventory provider.

Non-Integration Clause: CUENDE explicitly refrains from committing to the integration of the provided data with any external platforms or software systems without a distinct agreement expressly designated for such integration.

Terms Modification Rights: CUENDE retains the unilateral right to amend these terms and conditions at its discretion at any time. Such amendments shall become effective immediately upon their publication on the designated website or upon direct notification to the user, whichever is earlier. Any change will never affect the restrintion to distribute inventory data to thirid parties as indicated in Data Distribution Constraints and Restriction on Sale and Distribution clauses.